4 Tips to Supercharge Your Startup in 2021

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  • James Notaris

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  • Steve Longo

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    In Brief:

  • Startup companies endured a very challenging business climate in 2020. 

  • 2021 offers a new opportunity to start fresh. 

  • Find 4 startup tips below to supercharge your company's growth! 

2020 was a challenging year for startup companies. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis saw countless startups’ business plans thrown into chaos. 

Yet, many survived thanks to the dedication, agility, and creative thinking of their founders and employees. Now, the main challenge becomes how to grow in 2021 despite the ongoing economic uncertainty. 

To help, we’ve compiled a list of 4 detailed startup tips to supercharge your growth in 2021 and beyond. Take a look below to see how your startup can grow despite the tumultuous economic climate!

Know Your Market Better Than Your Competitors

First off, it’s crucial to understand your target audience and market better than your competitors for success. 

That means conducting extensive market research to give your startup a competitive edge. Remember to research not only the market thoroughly, but your direct and indirect competitors as well. How have they positioned themselves in your market. What are their strengths? What weaknesses can you exploit on your end? By having a strong grasp of not only your audience but your competitors, you can better position your startup for success in 2021. 

Build Up Customer Trust and Loyal

Building up your customer trust and loyalty is key. 

Focus on providing quality customer service as your core mission, not just improving your bottom line. Having a strong, loyal customer base can give you an important edge over your competitors. 

To build up your customer loyalty and trust, consider offering incentives for repeat customers, creating a customer loyalty program, and offering comprehensive customer support that includes options like phone, email, and online chat support. Leveraging social proof to build up your brand loyalty online can also give your startup an edge. 

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Leverage Digital Marketing for Success

Another actionable startup tip to consider for 2021 is boosting your digital marketing efforts. 

Try optimizing your paid search campaign to better target your audience while also doubling down on your SEO efforts to increase your organic traffic, rank for your target keywords, grow your brand’s reach, and boost conversions. Social media marketing is also crucial to growing your brand and keeping your audience engaged whereas email marketing is still a very effective and proven way to do everything from boost sales to keep customers engaged to boost your ecommerce efforts. 

Digital marketing has never been more important than right now for startups, so be sure to invest in it this year! 

Stay Agile and Adaptable 

Finally, remember to stay flexible and adaptable into the new year. 

Most startups have a built-in advantage of typically being smaller than most traditional businesses and flexible in terms of remote work. Use this to your advantage! Make sure that your startup company prioritizes adaptability in 2021 and can pivot to new projects, schedules, and business plans quickly and effectively. If you’re hiring new employees, look for people who can wear many hats and aren’t afraid to juggle multiple projects simultaneously or change direction at a moment’s notice in order to keep your startup competitive. 

2020 proved to be a major test for startups, but by remembering the year’s important lessons, they can remain versatile and adaptable to uncertain economic conditions in the year ahead. 

Follow These Startup Tips for Success Today!

The truth is that no entrepreneur knows for certain how 2021 will unfold. However, by following these actionable tips, your business can hopefully get back on the track of growth in the new year. Get out there, take a chance, and see where your entrepreneurial spirit takes you! 

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