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Callens Capital


We worked with Callens Capital, a venture capital firm with a portfolio of websites across various industries, to optimize and modernize their website to help increase site speed, enhance mobile friendliness, and make it more visually-appealing.

What We Do

Working closely together, Callens Digital Marketing helped redesign Callens Capital's website to improve the user experience and make it more seamless and aesthetically-appealing. We also performed a technical audit of their website and implemented a series of changes to make it much faster and more mobile-friendly, such as compressing images and minifying its CSS and Javscript coding.


We assisted Callens Capital with all of their bookkeeping needs, reconciling data and optimizing their finances to ensure their financial future was on sound footing for years to come.


When Callens Capital needed a long-term financial strategy, they turned to us. We designed a custom growth plan that helped accelerate the company's success, doing everything from reviewing their financial health to analyzing their finances to developing a new budget for them.


We partnered with Callens Capital tp help optimize and streamline their tax process too. Working closely with them, we took on the task of preparing their local, state and Federal taxes, allowing them to focus on growth.

Insurance Support

Callens Capital needed employer’s liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance but didn’t know where to turn. Our team connected Callens Capital with the best policy for their financial needs. We used our network of insurance experts to compare policies, find the benefits that best suited Callens Capital, and negotiated their rate for optimal satisfaction. Callens Capital is now fully covered and paying a premium they can afford.

401(k) Plan Support

Callens Capital seeked to provide its employees with a competitive 401(k) plan to attract and retain quality talent. Callens Management analyzed various 401(k) plans to determine which plan was best suited for Callens Capital’s needs. Our team not only determined the ideal 401(k) plan for Callens Capital, but also used its collective expertise to enroll our partner, maintain their plan, and navigate the complicated tax process. Our partner now offers a 401(k) plan to all full-time employees, a strong selling point for the company when looking to hire top-level talent.

Paralegal Support

When Callens Capital opened for business, it recognized the litany of legal obstacles that stood in its way. Callens Management’s team of paralegals stepped in to draft crucial legal documents, reach out to the necessary government agencies, and perform all other legal writing services so that they need only focus on building their brand. Our team continues to provide legal services and investigate any copyright infringements that may hamper our partner’s growth.


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The Results

The end result was a website that loaded much faster, was much more mobile-friendly, and used the company’s branding effectively to make it visually attention-grabbing and appealing.

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